Prairie Rose Elementary teachers prepare constantly for new school year

By Dalton Fuchs and Kyle Billman.

   At Prairie Rose Elementary School, teachers were still getting used to the new school. With the new technology, teachers and ideas, many teachers in the building are going through a different way of preparing for the 2013-2014 school year.

“It has been a big change for me this year,” said Rebecca Bautz, one of the second grade teachers at Prairie Rose.

“One of the biggest changes for me,” said Bautz, “was the change in age group I am teaching this year versus what I have taught in the past. The transition from high school students to little second graders has been different, but with the new ideas that are constantly being traded by the different members of the faculty that have experiences from so many places, it really helps make it easier.”

The open house of the new elementary school for the public was held on Sept. 24. The open house was a successful event. Many people around the community, including parents with children at other schools, came to check out the new school.

“The school was very nice and up-to-date,” said Jody Billman, a parent who went to the community open house. “It is a beautiful school and I absolutely love the giant windows that let in the natural light.”

Billman commented on how safe the school seemed and how relieved she would feel if her own kids were to go there.