Stevenson brings ‘Pippin’ to DHS auditorium

By Cheska Faye De Castro.

Magic once more will surround The Dickinson High School auditorium! Since “Pippin” is here to thrill the audience, this captivating play, directed by Michael Stevenson, will open on Nov. 21, 22, and 23.

“Pippin” tells the story of a young prince on a death defying journey to find meaning in his existence. Will he choose a happy but simple life? Or, will he risk everything for a singular flash of glory?

Stevenson worked hard to find the best characters who would suit the roles for the show. Luke Ensign, senior, will play the role of Pippin. Makayla Hardcastle, junior, will play to Ensign’s Pippin. Other roles are Sarah Ramsey, senior, (Frastrada), Chris Prchal, junior, (King Charles) and Michael Jaynes, freshman, (Lewis).

The director chose Ensign because of the strength of his voice and the physical look about him that fits the role. Stevenson knew that Ensign was dependable and had worked hard for 4 years.

“Pippin is wonderfully odd! It’s fantastic and amazing! I should focus more since I never had a big role like this, and I am nervous,” said Ensign.

Stevenson chose “Pippin” because it would be a good show for the DHS students to do with lots of characters in it and because of its popularity on Broadway.

“People will find this play a lot of fun. It will not only poke fun at real people from long ago but some of the situations there in will poke fun at things that are happening today,” Stevenson said.

According to Stevenson a lot of hard work, teamwork and sincerity to the roles must be invested during rehearsals for the success of the play.

Stevenson’s goal is to introduce students to new ideas and help them become more than they are right now.

After “Pippin” Stevenson will direct ‘I remember Mama’ a story about immigrants from San Francisco.

Stevenson directed approximately 250 plays in 38 years. All kinds of plays have been presented in International styles, Kabuki (Japan), Swedish, Danish and many more. One of his favorite was Godspell, it is composed of various musical parables from the “Gospel according to Matthew,” which he did in college.