DHS cross country improves

By Alissa Allen.

The Dickinson High School cross country team improved dramatically from last year.  The girls as a team ranked fourth in the State.  Three people from the team ranked in the top ten.

Shannon Stockert, senior, ranked seventh and Emily Tyrell, junior, ranked eighth.  Jackson Binstock, junior, ranked second in the State.

Caitlin Klitzke, junior varisity runner, ran for the Dickinson cross country team for three years, and she talked about her experiences.

“We have moved up as a team,” said Klitzke.

Klitzke talked about her teammates and how the freshmen were “really good” this year. Klitzke also said that the team improved a lot from the beginning of the year.

“We aren’t doing two day practices anymore, and not as many miles as the past,” said Klitzke.

Klitzke also said that her team was her motivation.

“They make me want to do better,” said Klitzke.

“Being able to improve in every race is my favorite part,” Klitzke added.

She offered her final thoughts.

“I ran for the cross country team in Stanley, and they have great people on their team, but the Dickinson cross country team is better. I do cross country every year because it is fun and a great way to stay in shape,” Klitzke said.

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